Default IP Guide

What is

The IP is an IP address from the Class C Private IP address range (from to used mainly to allow the user to connect to the router’s admin settings. If you are using a Huawei or Eminent router it is possible that this is the default IP of your Wi-Fi device. Of course, there are other router brands and models that use this IP and we will mention them later. is the default IP for Huawei E5151

How to connect to a device?

Before you access your router’s admin page you have to know the following.

  • Make sure you are already connected to the home network.
  • You have to check whether is the actual router IP.
  • Have the default username and password or your custom password if you have changed it before.

Connecting to your device, no matter whether it is Huawei Wi-Fi dongle/MiFi device, Eminent router, or something else, is almost the same for each of them. So, just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Connect to the home network if you haven’t already. You can connect via Wi-Fi or directly to the router using an Ethernet cable (if zou are connecting a PC or laptop to it). In case you are not connected to the network you won’t be able to access the routerćs admin page.

Step 2:

Launch the browser you are currently using or any other browser installed on your device. After that, either click or type in the browser’s address bar, and press Enter key on your keyboard.

Step 3:

If the IP you have just typed is correct, the login window will appear asking you to enter a username and password. In most cases the router username and password are already printed on a sticker on the router so use these if you haven’t changed them before.

Enter these details and click Login.

If they are correct you will access the router’s admin page where you can modify various router settings.

In case you don’t know the default login details, check the table below to find the default usernames and passwords for your router, Wi-Fi dongle or MiFi device.

Default Usernames and Passwords

We have already mentioned that Huawei and Eminent routers use this IP but there are others too. Look at the table below to find the default usernames and passwords.

Huawei adminadmin
3JTech 3Gadminadmin
NEXX WT3020adminadmin
GIGAFAST EE400-Rblankadmin
Medialink MWN-WAPR300Nadminadmin
Adaptec AWN-8084adminnot set

Can’t connect using

If you have followed the steps given above and the login window doesn’t show up or you get an error message, please check the following to fix this problem.

  1. Are you connected to the home network?
  2. Is the router turned on?
  3. Restart your router and device you try to connect from
  4. Disable your firewall or antivirus
  5. Launch the Command prompt and type ipconfig to check whether is your default IP. It is usually listed as Default Gateway
  6. Check whether you have typed the IP correctly.

Hopefully, you will see the login window after you check all of these suggestions.

What can I do with this IP?

Once you login to your router’s admin page there are many modifications you can do which can greatly improve the security and performance of your home network.

When we talk about securing your home network, here are some tips on what you should change to boost your home network security.

  • Change the default login IP
  • Create custom admin username and password instead of the default ones
  • Change the default SSID or Network name
  • Select proper encryption type
  • Set up a strong wireless password

These are just basic steps to take but if you need more, you can enable MAC address filtering, hide the SSID (Wireless network name) and so on.

Additionally, you can set up a Guest network, set up Parental controls to limit your kid’s online time and much more.

We will cover all the security steps mentioned above in additional articles. Questions & Answers

– isn’t mu default gateway. What now?

In case your Default gateway is different that this one, for example or, you can still login to your router. Just make sure you use that IP instead of the one covered in this article.

– The default username and password are incorrect. How to login now?

In case the default login details don’t work, or you have changed and forgotten them, you can reset the router to factory settings. Just make sure to write down everything that may be important for you, like Network name and Wi-Fi password etc. This is important because all the changes you make to the router settings will be erased once you reset it. Also, you’ll have to update the passwords to all the devices connected to your wireless network.

 – I type 192.168.8.l and the login window doesn’t appear?

There are two reasons why this happens.

The first is a simple typing error. Any IP address is made of numbers only. So, typing 192.168.8.l won’t open the login page. This is because the last character should be the number 1, not the letter l. They do look quite similar when you type them.

The second is typing the correct IP in the Search bar instead of the Address bar of the router. (see image)

address bar vs search bar


We hope you will find our default IP guide useful. Knowing the default IP, username and password, and how to keep your home network safe from intruders is really important. Also, if you experience any connectivity problems, the router settings page is the first place to look for solution.